Thursday, April 23, 2015


Have you ever noticed that you gravitate to certain colors? Whether you're choosing clothing, a vehicle or colors to decorate your home you gravitate to the same color palette. Most often we feel more comfortable wearing or being surround by these particular colors. The truth is we're actually attracted to the color's unique energy vibration. The psychology of color can offer you valuable insight into your life path. What does your favorite color say about you?

The solar plexus chakra is represented by the color yellow. This chakra center symbolizes self-worth and intellectual clarity. Most people who gravitate to the color yellow have a desire to keep active. Usually an optimistic nature, energetic and enjoys working as a team.

The sacral chakra is represented by the color orange. This chakra symbolizes self-respect, happiness and humility. People who gravitate to the color orange have a strong desire to be sociable. Work related fields that are highly interactive are usually more fulfilling.

The root chakra is represented by the color red. This chakra symbolizes self-awareness and extremes of either fear or courage. People who gravitate to the color red enjoy the outdoors, animals and occupations that are more physical in nature.

The crown chakra can also be represented by the color pink. This chakra center symbolizes self-responsibility and a calm nature. Usually people who gravitate to the color pink are easy going, make the best of situations and often enjoy costumer service jobs.  

The heart chakra is represented by the color green. This chakra center symbolizes love and compassion. People who gravitate to the color green are usually emotional, sympathetic, good listeners and work well in healing fields.

The throat chakra is represented by the color blue. This chakra symbolizes self-expression, communication and truth. People who gravitate to blue are usually very intuitive, creative and gravitate toward writing or some other form of communication jobs.

The crown chakra is represented by the color purple. This chakra symbolizes spirituality, faith and connection with the divine. People who gravitate to purple crave knowledge and are often teachers, work in fields of exploration or research.

Black or Earth-tones
The root chakra can also be represented by the color black or other earth-tone colors. This chakra symbolizes self-awareness and stability. People who are attracted to black have strong physical identities, enjoy the outdoors and physical occupations.

Friday, April 10, 2015


The two best times of the day to program your subconscious mind is right before falling asleep and at the moment you wake before opening your eyes. Both are times of the day when you're most likely relaxed without any emotional resistance blocking your manifesting energies.

Prior to going to sleep instruct your subconscious mind to give the solution to a life question or practice a quick visualization of what you desire to attract into your life, then let it go and fall asleep.

In the morning before opening your eyes visualize the fulfillment of your desires and thank your subconscious for providing the answer you've been searching for. Remember the law of gratitude.

By practicing these simple exercises daily you will begin to strengthen the synapse connections in your brain transforming wishful thoughts into powerful beliefs, which is essential for attracting what you desire.

A fantastic book to consider reading is by Joseph Murphy, The Power of your Subconscious Mind. An easy to read in depth instructional book for manifesting the life you desire. I highly recommend it!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015


Imagine for a moment that our life scenario is set into play before we are born into physical form. We choose our parents, siblings and friends along with all the influencing aspects of our life circumstance. It's like handing out scripts to all the characters of our life production. Of course these scripts benefit everyone involved. Each persons playing a role that molds and shapes each persons life experience and ultimately perception.

This elaborate orchestration provides everyone involved with an opportunity to stand in the shoes of a particular life view. Since nothing is set in stone we have the power to transform our circumstances with our behaviors and beliefs. We can choose to utilize these life lessons constructively or destructively. The choice is ours.

By examining our life circumstances along with our relationships, we can uncover the valuable lessons we've been given. For example, if you experienced rejection repeatedly throughout your life this treatment provides you with a first-hand understanding of rejection. Sympathizing with someone who's been rejected isn't an issue because you know exactly how it feels.

So why would anyone want to experience rejection? Maybe this experience is vital in carrying out a life mission you wanted to accomplish. Or it may be an understanding you chose to experience for the value of empathy. Everything in life is on purpose. We may not understand why until a later date or if left unexamined never.

To uncover the possible reasons for your life experiences ask yourself these questions.

1. How has this experience shaped my perception of life?
2. Does this perception alter the manner in which I treat others?
3. How does this first-hand knowledge relate to my work or future desires?
4. What have I learned from this experience?
5. Constructively using this experience what can I accomplish?

Tuesday, February 17, 2015


We will never find what we are looking for in life within our perception of other peoples faults. When we put someone down, twist their words, or reject them we are demonstrating our own shortcomings. We are perceiving the world through eyes of fear which always distorts the truth.

Believing that someone is this or that doesn’t make it so. It is only our perception. If we can learn to see the world through eyes of love, hope and faith we will begin to understand why we are here.

We are all intricate woven pieces in the tapestry of life teaching and learning from one another. Freewill gives us the choice to grow or to remain stagnant.

Finding fault in others is where we find the answers to our own life lessons. If we believe we’ve been misunderstood or rejected it may be our purpose to teach others to find value in themselves. Our focus is always showing us what we need to learn and possibly teach.

We can’t allow our fear-driven egos to blame others for our unhappiness. Lack is built on a foundation of fear which does not exist. Don’t envy others for what you believe they have, it’s an illusion. A false perception. The world is abundant. Concentrate on the happiness you desire, for it already exists, it’s just waiting for you to claim it.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015


Many of the spiritual philosophies I've studied indicate that everything is happening now. Implying there's no future or past only the present moment. Included in this now moment are what we referred to as our past lives. This concept is difficult to wrap your head around, however many near death accounts also describe this all encompassing now concept. Apparently we're experiencing multiple lives all at the same time. If this is true why are we only aware of this physical life? I suppose our limited understanding of our spiritual self obstructs our ability to comprehend a timeless reality, but it still doesn't address our awareness of this single life experience.

One of my favorite books that discusses this timeless concept is "Seth Speaks" by Jane Roberts. Channeled through Jane in 1963, Seth claims to have live more lives than he cares to tell and proceeds to explain the nature of reality. He speaks about our soul and its many personalities or expressions of physical lives. He describes how we can tap into these simultaneous lives through meditative practices or dreams to gain knowledge. Seth further explains our dreams are actually visitations into our other lives.

These other lives were supposedly living at present don't make sense to me. How can we gain understanding from a life experience if we're not focused upon it or even aware it's occurring? What are your thoughts.

Art: Spirits of December by Katja Faith

Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Twenty years ago, I first started meditating in hopes of contacting my sister. After many unsuccessful months of practicing she finally made an appearance. I believe it took a while because I was anxious and until I completely let go my energy wasn't aligning with the spirit realm.

Since then I've learned that spirit decides whether they'll communicate and if you're feeling desperate it seems to shut them out. Through the years I've had many spirits come forward with messages for me and for others. What's amazing is their messages or guidance always seems to be validated. Maybe they know I need it. I'm getting better about doubting my interpretation, but the validations that follow are greatly appreciated.

If you believe you're receiving guidance but struggle with your interpretation my experience is the correct one is your first impression. Don't over analyze even if it doesn't make sense to you right away because it will when the time is right. Spirits must see the big picture and know when their guidance will benefit us most.

Saturday, December 27, 2014


The first time I experienced my third eye opening I wasn’t concentrating on my chakra centers or anything in particular.  A few minutes into my meditation I felt and heard a pop followed by a vibrating sensation slightly above my eyebrows in the center of my forehead. Immediately after I was transported into the scene that played before me like a black and white movie. I saw spirits of all shapes and sizes aimlessly roaming about and felt their confusion. There were spirits on either side of me some deceased relatives and others I believed to be guides and innately knew they were there to protect me from absorbing the immense emotions of these lost spirits. 

Not completely sure why I was given this vision, but my guess is they were showing me my emotional vibration at the time. Since then I’ve stepped up my practice of gratitude hoping to redirect my attention to more positive events in my life and in the world. I firmly believe we attract experiences in direct correlation to the tone of our emotional vibration.  

I have no doubt this experience was my third eye opening since I had never researched the sensations commonly experience until after it happened. The similarities of my experience in relation others described were almost exact. Since then I’ve experienced more subtle forms of my third eye opening. Now I receive phrases along with black and white pictures that are accompanied with distinct emotions.  

Each time this happens it takes a while before the message is clear or what I believe the message to be. Either I’m going nuts imaging this or someone is trying to tell me something. Hopefully with time I’ll gain a greater understanding. I invite anyone who’s had a similar experience to kindly share it in the comment section below.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014


If you're not familiar with Hans Christian King, I highly recommend listening to his spiritual teachings. He is a spiritual teacher who has communicated with spirits since a young child. He explains that when we cry our guardian angels, spiritual guides and loved ones or soul family also cry. They are beside us our entire life guiding us toward awakening to our true nature.

He states that we are angels in training. It was our choice to come into this physical realm of contrast to choose our birthright which is abundance. Think about it. If we were created in the image and likeness of our creator how can we be anything but perfect. We don't have to fix ourselves. Everything we desire to achieve is within us. We just have to awaken to this fact. So the next time you're feeling emotions of inadequacy stop. Look in the mirror and try to see what our guardian angels see; the perfection of our soul.

Tell your guardians that you want to experience abundance knowing it is already on its way!