Tuesday, January 20, 2015

I hear your Whispers

Twenty years ago, I first started meditating in hopes of contacting my sister. After many unsuccessful months of practicing she finally made an appearance. I believe it took a while because I was anxious and until I completely let go my energy wasn't aligning with the spirit realm.

Since then I've learned that spirit decides whether they'll communicate and if you're feeling desperate it seems to shut them out. Through the years I've had many spirits come forward with messages for me and for others. What's amazing is their messages or guidance always seems to be validated. Maybe they know I need it. I'm getting better about doubting my interpretation, but the validations that follow are greatly appreciated.

If you believe you're receiving guidance but struggle with your interpretation my experience is the correct one is your first impression. Don't over analyze even if it doesn't make sense to you right away because it will when the time is right. Spirits must see the big picture and know when their guidance will benefit us most.

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Third Eye Opening Experience

The first time I experienced my third eye opening I wasn’t concentrating on my chakra centers or anything in particular.  A few minutes into my meditation I felt and heard a pop followed by a vibrating sensation slightly above my eyebrows in the center of my forehead. Immediately after I was transported into the scene that played before me like a black and white movie. I saw spirits of all shapes and sizes aimlessly roaming about and felt their confusion. There were spirits on either side of me some deceased relatives and others I believed to be guides and innately knew they were there to protect me from absorbing the immense emotions of these lost spirits. 

Not completely sure why I was given this vision, but my guess is they were showing me my emotional vibration at the time. Since then I’ve stepped up my practice of gratitude hoping to redirect my attention to more positive events in my life and in the world. I firmly believe we attract experiences in direct correlation to the tone of our emotional vibration.  

I have no doubt this experience was my third eye opening since I had never researched the sensations commonly experience until after it happened. The similarities of my experience in relation others described were almost exact. Since then I’ve experienced more subtle forms of my third eye opening. Now I receive phrases along with black and white pictures that are accompanied with distinct emotions.  

Each time this happens it takes a while before the message is clear or what I believe the message to be. Either I’m going nuts imaging this or someone is trying to tell me something. Hopefully with time I’ll gain a greater understanding. I invite anyone who’s had a similar experience to kindly share it in the comment section below.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Why are we Crying?

If you're not familiar with Hans Christian King, I highly recommend listening to his spiritual teachings. He is a spiritual teacher who has communicated with spirits since a young child. He explains that when we cry our guardian angels, spiritual guides and loved ones or soul family also cry. They are beside us our entire life guiding us toward awakening to our true nature.

He states that we are angels in training. It was our choice to come into this physical realm of contrast to choose our birthright which is abundance. Think about it. If we were created in the image and likeness of our creator how can we be anything but perfect. We don't have to fix ourselves. Everything we desire to achieve is within us. We just have to awaken to this fact. So the next time you're feeling emotions of inadequacy stop. Look in the mirror and try to see what our guardian angels see; the perfection of our soul.

Tell your guardians that you want to experience abundance knowing it is already on its way!

Friday, December 5, 2014

What do you think this means?

Sharing and Deciphering Dreams

Have you ever had the same dream as someone you know? Well, I have. My husband and I had the same dream on the same night. In our dreams we both were driving down a dirt road toward an large house that reminded us of an old plantation home. It gets even stranger. We both remember passing a very large tree on the 'right' of this driveway and we both feel this house is located in Georgia.

My Interpretation: The tree represents setting down roots somewhere suggesting a move. Since it's a large tree on the right, it's a big decision, but the 'right' one. The old run-down house suggests a job of sorts somewhere down south. And since both of us had a peaceful feeling during this dream we will be happy with our decision to move.

What do you think? 

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Why aren't you Manifesting?

Here are the most common behaviors people do that cancel out what they desire to attract into their life. If you are not attracting what you desire you need to change your current behavior. 

1. Continually 'talk about problems' or what is perceived as problems. Whatever is occurring stop talking about it, thinking about it, worrying about it. Each day write down up to three things you perceive are your problems. When you're finished write another list with three things you want. Most likely this list will reflect the desired solutions to your first list. Now, focus on the second list and discard the first problematic list. By only focusing on the positive outcomes you will begin to attract situations, people and guidance into your life that will magnetize your desires to you.   

2. Reacting instead of responding to situations. If something happens that you do not want don't quickly react with fear, anger or complaining. Examine what is occurring and write down or voice out loud all positive solutions. This practice is altering your attention by focusing on the positive.

3. The law of interpretation means there is no good or bad, it is how we perceive a situation that makes it so. This can be difficult to practice, but give it a try. When something happens that upsets you keep your mouth shut and redirect your thoughts on these four questions.

1. Is my interpretation of this situation really true?
2.  Does my interpretation cause me stress or peace?
3. Is there another way I can interpret this situation?
4. Which interpretation am I going to choose and ultimately attract into my life?

4. If you are not attracting into your life what you desire you need to change your current behavior. Stop focusing on negative things. Force yourself to focus on the positive things in life. Over time this will become easier and your life will begin to magically transform. 

5. Periodically throughout the day remind yourself that you are an extension of source energy attracting into your life what you focus on. So start focusing on all the good in the world, in yourself and in others. Think this thought as often as you can much like an affirmation. 

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Soul Mates our greatest Challengers!

Who are Soul mates?

I once thought a Soul mate was someone who brought peace into our life. If we were lucky enough to find this single person our life would be blissfully complete. After reading numerous books on Soul mates, I now have a different understanding of whom they are and their role in our life.

First of all, we have multiple Soul mates, not just one. It’s said that we have a soul family. This group of souls collaborates with each other prior to coming into physical form. Agreements are made on how each would try to influence the other toward the path they desired to travel. Of course this doesn't always work out as planned, after all, we have free will.

Our Soul mates are our greatest challengers. They are likely the people we complain about most often. To uncover why we wanted this interaction or treatment we need to analyze the situation very carefully, and without our ego’s interference. Their behavior toward us was meant to push us in a direction to experience a "positive' life lesson or gain strength we preciously lacked. Our soul family’s job is to mold our perception of life, which is meant to motivate us down the path we desired to go.

For example critical parent may have agreed to treat us in this manner to help us to overcome insecurities, negative beliefs in our self, or overcoming a fears.  It's important to examine how they influenced our personality, beliefs, and perceptions. The strengths it gave to us along with our particular compassions.

Ask yourself why you wanted to see the world through these unique eyes of perception. The answers will eventual be revealed.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Significance of Dreaming the same Dream?

The strangest thing happened to my husband and I a couple days ago. He who usually never remembers his dreams tells me about a dream he had driving down a dirt road up to a huge old house tucked away in the woods. Hearing this astonished me since I too had a similar dream. Remembering in my dream a huge tree I passed traveling down this dirt road, I asked if he did too. His answer was yes. We both dreamt about driving down a dirt road passing a large tree on the ‘right’ up to this old huge house tucked away in the woods.

Neither of us remember visiting a place like this, so it’s not a memory. Why would we have the same dream? Are we being shown a place we’ll visit someday? There must be something significant about this place and our lives.
            Have you ever had an experience like this? 

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Altering our Perception of Reality

It’s been scientifically proven that whatever we continually focus upon becomes hardwired in our brain. Meaning the synapse connections that transfer impulses. These connections grow stronger over a period of time with continual use.

So if we repeatedly focus on negative situations we become programmed to scope out more negative situations. This negative behavior ultimately becomes a habit. Breaking habits does take effort, but it’s not impossible. The brain is not static as once thought. We have the ability to strengthen positive pathways in our brain and as a result begin to scope out more positive situations.

Since we attract into our life our most dominate thoughts it’s prudent to change any negative habits we’ve formed. By changing our thoughts we change our perception. We begin to see life and ourselves in a more positive way.

When I find myself focusing on something I don’t want I shout out loud “stop” then begin to think of something positive. I’ve been practicing this for years and it does work. Don’t be mistaken, we’re going to focus on negative things once in a while, after all we’re only human.  

Thursday, October 23, 2014

When is Intuition Correct or Wishful Thinking?

There are several things that can influence your intuition. First is your energy vibration. If you are anxious or fearful your recognition of messages will be misguided. We need to send out a higher vibration to connection to our Spiritual Guides, Higher Self or Intuitive Knowledge, which of course is where this knowing comes from.

Secondly, the more we act upon our intuitive thoughts the more we will recognize them. I guess no one likes being ignored not even our guides. A good indication that it’s your intuition and not wishful thinking is how you feel. Sometimes you’ll get goose bumps or a spark of just knowing it correct.

Lastly, take action. Again no one likes giving advice or possible solutions to someone only to have them rejected over and over enduring their never ending complaints of the same issues because they never take action to solve them. Investigate the messages you believe to be intuitive guidance and see what you encounter. If it’s correct you’ll start to see a connection to other similar topics which leads you to your answer or desire result.

Intuition is real you just have to learn to trust yourself.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Attract Your Desires!

Expecting amazing things to occur in your life will attract amazing experiences. Sadly, most of us have been programmed throughout our life to focus on what we don't want or what we fear might happen. The nightly news bombards us with fear, commercials, and television shows. Whether you believe it or not there are may good things that are happening out in the world and a lot of good people making a positive change. If we're creating more of what we focus upon shouldn't we start focusing on what we want?

Start your day with the expectation that something amazing is going to happen. If you practice this morning exercise 'everyday' it will eventually get easier to stay positive even when undesired obstacles present themselves. Then you'll discover over a short period of time more and more positive experiences entering your life. Give it a try...what do you have to loose?

Here are are few of my morning affirmations.

 Something amazing is going to happen to me today! 

 Something spectacular is going to come into my life today! 

 Something I've always desired is coming into my life today! 

Today is going to be awesome! 

Today is going to be fantastic! 

Everyone I encounter today is going to be teach me something amazing that benefits my life.

How to Remember your Dreams

If you’re having difficulty remembering your dreams there are several things you can do to change this.  The first thing is “don’t open your eyes.” Once you open your eyes the visual input will bombard your mind and more often than not weaken or erase the images and memory of your dream. 

So, before you open your eyes review your dream in your minds eye. After your done reviewing your dream then open your eyes and immediately write down as many details of your dream as possible. This means images, conversations, people, setting and emotions you felt.  By practicing these simple steps you will remember your dreams more easily.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

What is your Life Purpose?

After reading numerous books on finding your life purpose I've come to the conclusion that we have many not just one. It's said that our life purpose is our passion. Well, I don't know about you, but my interests have changed throughout my life. Some things I enjoyed doing in my twenties no longer interest me. As we travel through life our experiences mold us and change our perception and understanding of what's important to us. 

Here's an exercise that helped me to discover my current life purpose, which I hope helps you, too. Start by listing five activities you enjoy doing. Once you've made your list rate each either "like it or love it." Then expand on all the "love it" items. For example I love being artistic: writing, sewing, designing, painting. Continue dissecting each "love it" activity until you've narrowed it down to a specific activity. Elaborate further describing why you loving it. Doing this exercise will uncover your passion, i.e. Life Purpose. A book that’s very helpful is the Purpose Driven Life.  

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Exploring Past Lives

A fun game to practice for uncovering past life experiences is telling a story until a spark of recognition is felt, which is actually a faded memory coming alive. All that’s required is two people, however more people can trigger more memories.  

One person starts by making up a story of a past life; time in history, occupation, family life, etc.  After a couple of minutes move onto to the next person and continue until your story unfolds naturally. Once this happens it’s like the story begins to tell itself. You’ll begin to feel a deep connection to this person or past life experience. Give it a try…it’s a lot of fun and it may uncover why you're experiencing certain things in this life time.