Wednesday, April 27, 2016

USE CAUTION when speaking "I AM"

Most people have heard about the powerful attracting energy of "I am" affirmations and statements. If you're not aware be careful what follows your "I am" proclamations.

When you affirm "I am" you are sending out a powerful attracting energy. In essence, you're proclaiming to the universal power that you already possess what you desire, which increases your manifestations.

The real power behind these "I am" statements is the creation of beliefs. Our beliefs influence our thoughts, behaviors, and emotions. All of which affect what we attract into our physical life experience. It's what we believe that creates our experience.

When you want to change a negative belief about yourself, the world, or others, change your "I am" statements. When you hear yourself say I am angry, sad, offended, hurt, frustrated, not good enough, too old, stop midsentence. Then say to yourself, this character named (insert your name) believes this, but not my higher self.

Know that we are divine souls living between two worlds. One foot, if you will, here on earth, and the other in the spirit world. The character we find ourself playing in this lifetime is our challenge. Our challenge to overcome and to become deliberate creators.

Each character has specific past life influences and current life influences. Our goal is to dissolve the illusion of beliefs our character holds with those of our higher self. Ultimately connecting with our higher self and who we truly are.

Our higher self is the pure essence of divine love. It does not judge, demand, or require anything. So the next time you find yourself proclaiming an "I am" statement speak from the viewpoint of your higher self. Before long we will transform our negative beliefs and our life experience.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016


If you are anything like me, you've read countless books on creating your reality. For most, this craze started with the book "The Secret". I remember when I first heard of this simple how-to book. Excited I rushed out and purchased it reading its simplistic words of wisdom.

After reading this book several times my excitement grow. Its message was simple. Easy in fact. However, once I started to implement these daily practices I realized the concept was simple, but not the habit of practice.

Breaking old habits isn't impossible though it takes constant effort. I guess like most people I was looking for an easy road to happiness and riches. Though quickly found out this wasn't the case.

The problem I discovered was beating myself up when I failed to be positive or keep up with my daily practices. My frustration grew. How was I going to attract into my life what I desired if I wasn't consistent? I knew I needed to let go of each day and start fresh each morning without judgment. It didn't mattered what I did or didn't do the day before each day would be a clean slate.

Once I started viewing my progress this way I noticed positive changes. I was no longer adding negativity to my stumbles. I brushed myself off and refocused. The secret is living in the now, whether that means minute to minute or day to day. Don't beat yourself up when you veer off track. Get up, brush yourself off, and try, try again! Doing this is the secret to success.

Saturday, February 27, 2016


Play the act as if game! If you've been studying the law of attraction you know belief is essential. First you must know what you want. Be specific as to what you want and don't worry about how it will happen. The universal powers will take care of the how. However, you must reaffirm your desires daily.

Reaffirming your desires means nurturing your desired manifestations daily. You can meditate on them, visualize living them, take active steps in the direction of accomplishing them.

Make this daily nurturing fun by playing games such as the act as if game. Invite a few like-minded friends over and agree to act as if you already live with your desired manifestations. Talk about the escalating success of your dream business, your dream relationship, fame, best-selling novel, dream car, tell everyone about your new home, etc. Pretend to get phone calls. Act as if your manifestations have arrived. It's fun! And it raises your positive energy vibration, which attracts your dream life into reality faster.

More Ideas
1. Tell your friends how wonderful it is to live your dream life.
2. Talk about your successful business. Be specific.
3. Describe your book signing tour and ideas you have for your next best-selling book.
4. Tell everyone about your new loving relationship with your dream partner.
5. Pretend you receive a phone call from your stock broker.
6. Talk about how great it is to drive your exotic car.
7. Tell everyone about the fantastic offer you received for your home.

Use your imagination and have fun with it!

Sunday, January 24, 2016


It most likely began generations ago, repeatedly carried down from parent to child. At least, that's what most medical journals indicate. Being a scapegoat myself, I can tell you it's not an easy role in life to play. There are many reasons why a child is singled out. It could be we remind them of someone they disliked or have a personality that calls them out. I'm not going to dig into the numerous reasons why since I'm not a licensed medical practitioner or psychologist. If you desire a more in-depth explanation you can check out the links below.

What I do know is we are not the "bad ones" or "trouble makers." We are simply victims of bullying. And I don't believe labeling them as bad will help us to heal. Keep in mind, they too may have been scapegoats in their childhood. Regardless, we are all doing the best we know how to do. Don't mistaken this comment as an excuse for their behavior, because it is not.

In order for me to heal the deep wounds that defined me, I needed to disconnect. After numerous failed attempts to resolve the issue verbally, I finally realized my only option was to walk away. Cutting ties may not be your choice and that's for you to decide. Our commonality is being scapegoats, however, it ends there since every situation has its own unique circumstance.

I believe we all have a mission in life. Prior to coming into a physical form, we set the stage so that we can experience certain emotions. The rejection, blame, frustration and anger I experienced being a scapegoat prepared me for a much greater purpose. These valuable lessons were essential for me to accomplish my ultimate goal. Remember, everything in life has a purpose. It's up to us to find out the 'why'.

Are you a Family Scapegoat?

Friday, December 11, 2015


Today is my first chemo treatment. I am very nervous about the side effects. Hopefully, all the medications the doctors prescribe prevents or, at least, keeps them to a minimum.  Once I know what to expect I think I'll feel more at ease with the next five months of treatment ahead of me. By the end of April chemo will be complete and radiation treatments will begin.

After two months of radiation, all that remains is reconstruction. Hopefully, by the end of the summer, I'll feel normal again. I've never wanted time to pass as quickly as I do today. I just keep visualizing myself looking back at this experience as a successful journey of life. With an emphasis on "Successful".

Saturday, October 31, 2015


Most of my adult life I've had an insatiable desire to understand death. To understand who we are, the meaning of our physical existence and what life after death is like. Now at the ripe old age of fifty-two, I am potentially facing my own death. Soon I could be one among the many souls who have passed on before me. The thought is surreal.

Will anyone try to contact me or will I care if they do? All the near death experiences I've read (and there have been many) describe the afterlife as magical. The love felt is beyond any love we've ever experienced here. Most accounts of near-death experiences don't want to return to physical reality. Regardless of hearing this heartfelt conviction about the afterlife, I still don't want it to end. At least not yet.

After discovering I had breast cancer, I believed a mastectomy was the best course of action. Believe me, this was not an easy decision. I'm now recovering from surgery. Yesterday I learned I have stage 3 cancer, so chemo and radiation are going to be part of the treatment.

I do believe we create our own reality though still trying to figure out why I would want to experience this. Maybe I'll uncover why with each triumph I overcome. So far I've learned that I am so very blessed to have my husband Jim's love, support, and shoulders to lean on.

Monday, September 14, 2015


The dreaded word most people don't even want to speak out loud. This dreaded word is cancer. Hearing you have cancer takes your breath away. Then your mind shuts down. It's like stepping out of your body viewing the world through someone else's eyes. At least, this is how I felt.

I found out less than a week ago I have breast cancer. A type of cancer that can spread to the lump nodes and throughout the body. Don't know yet if this cancer is just in my breast though I do know from the ultrasound a few lump nodes look affected. It's not until you have the breast or lump removed and tissue is tested do you discover what stage and if it's spread. It's the most unnerving waiting game roller coaster experience.

So, here I wait for my next appointment to discover what comes next. After surgery, I'll discover either more dreaded details or breathe a sigh of relief it hasn't spread further.

Several people have said to me it's okay to be mad at God. Being mad at God hasn't crossed my mind. I'm mad at myself, which I guess in essence is kind of being mad at God since I believe we're an expression of God. However, it was my free will to be stressed out all the time and to smoke cigarettes. So, no I'm not mad at God. I think I'm being given a wake-up call. It's time to make some life changes.

I believe I'm going to be okay. Whether my belief is wishful thinking I also believe you receive what you believe. I have a difficult road ahead of me, but it will eventually come to an end. I pray for all the people out there experiencing a similar experience with this dreaded "C" word. I believe when we come together anything is possible! Love and blessings to you all.