Tuesday, January 31, 2017


When I was younger, I was mainly focused on the present moment, but over the years I became overly concerned with the future. Mostly concerned about my future financial stability.

How will my husband and I be able to support ourselves? How will we afford escalating taxes and insurance costs in addition to all the other unavoidable cost of living expenses? These financial concerns escalated when the economy took a dive along with our income. Then suddenly life pulled me back into the present moment when I was diagnosis with breast cancer.

My future abruptly took a back seat, as I was suddenly forced to focused on the present moment. Addressing any life threatening health issue drastically changes your outlook. Healing or recovering from any health problem takes time and can not be rushed. It's a day to day journey.

Unfortunately, my journey it's over yet, and I don't believe it's really ever over. During my numerous days of recuperation, I contemplated why I got cancer. Believing that our emotions affect our life and health, I wondered what I did to manifest this experience. Did all my worrying cause this expression of disease in my body? Or is this experience a path I choose before coming into physical form?

I believe it's a combination of numerous things that contributed to my current health condition. I feel my soul offered this path if choices were made in this direction. So what were these choices I thought? And how can I heal and move forward into a healthier future?  

Staying present is the most important lesson I've learned from having cancer. Always being focused on the future you tend to miss the gifts of day to day life. My new motto for the future is doing my best and having faith the future will unfold the way it was intended. Secondly, and most importantly letting go of the past. We all are doing our best, and we can't expect more. The past is in the past and can't be changed so move on not continuing to relive what you didn't enjoy the first time.

Everything that happens to us in life influences the people we become. We are who we are because of our life experiences. Appreciate, honor, and love, who you are and don't allow anyone to treat you with disrespect. People can disrespect you, but you don't have to stick around to listen.  

Tuesday, December 20, 2016


Have you ever felt the presence of a loved one who passed on? Or repeatedly notice particular occurrences throughout your day that remains you of someone? These are signs of a spirit trying to contact you. If you want to communicate with the spirit world, don't ignore their attempt to reach you, or they may give up. The more you acknowledge spirits, the more they'll try to communicate with you.

Ten most common signs spirits are communicating with you. 

1. Suddenly a comfortably warm room becomes cold. Or you get goosebumps when you think of someone who passed on. These are both signs of coming in contact with spiritual energy.

2. Light bulbs or electrical devices flicker on and off. Sometimes light bulbs blow out repeatedly shortly after replacing. When this happens, a spirit is trying to contact you. Close your eyes and mental ask who it is and trust the first thought that enters your mind.

3. A particular song that reminds you of someone keeps playing on the radio.

4. Finding feathers or coins is a sign a spirit is near. If you repeatedly find feathers in unusual places or a specific coin, this is a spirit reminding you their near.

5. Seeing the same sequence of numbers where ever you look. Every time you look at a clock or totals on receipts, the numbers are the same.

6. Noticing butterflies or other animals in the wild more than usual. Spirits are near when you see these beautiful flying insects or animals.

7.  You notice flashes of lights or orbs in the middle of the night. Orbs are believed to be the soul of spirits. If you suspect someone is visiting you during the evening, set up a camera to capture orbs.

8. Visiting with a loved one passed on in your dreams. One of the easiest ways spirits can communicate with us is in our dreams when our minds are free of daily stress or worries. Keep a dream journal.

9. Smelling a scent that reminds you of someone. For example, someone's favorite perfume or cigarette smoke.

10. Seeing strange smokey figures beside you in photos. This captured image is the energy of spirit.

Thursday, November 17, 2016


I read an article about a woman who was dying of terminal cancer, and she decided to write her obituary. This article got me thinking what I would write? So, I decided to write mine.


My life had it's ups and downs like everyone else. No, I never thought I was without fault, however, lead to believe I possessed much more than the truth. We're so quick to judge people. We believe we're the ultimate source of truth for outlining the character of another. As the years passed, I realized these opinions were biased perceptions and not fact. Sadly these negative opinions voiced to us tend to be the one's we remember. We end up giving away our belief of who we are to others.

So here's the truth of who I am and not their misguided version. I'm sensitive. Yes, sensitive. ( Sadly I can clearly visualize certain people rolling their eyes mocking my words.) The truth is most of my life I tried to hide this character flaw believing it was a sign of weakness. I hated being weak. I felt weakness created a doorway for others to pass through an easily hurt you, degrade you, rip you apart. As the years passed the problem I encountered was pain festers if it's not dealt with in a positive manner. It builds up then often expressed through anger. It's amazing how many people don't understand that anger ultimately comes from pain and fear.

Unfortunately, I feared many things in life. One fear was no one would love the real me. After all, I felt this often as a child and was blatantly told so on occasions. My problem was these words never faded away but grew stronger. Thank God age provides wisdom along with the accumulation of truths gained through life experiences. Profound experiences such as getting cancer. It taught me many valuable lessons. First, I am loved by many people. Loved regardless of my many faults. Sadly we can't always count on finding this love in places society leads us to believe.

Regardless of where we find love it's all the same. Love is love. Healing is a process, and I've learned it takes time. Patience is key. (Don't think I'll master it before checking out, but not giving up!) I've discovered healing is achieved from doing what you love. I love writing. I love writing even more when I've written something that touches the heart of others. Of course not always hitting the mark, but never giving up.

I love creating things like an outfit. I love the entire process from combining the fabrics, mixing the colors and textures to finally sewing them all together. I love decorating. Creating a theme that transports me to another place in time. I carefully choose each color, material, and nicknack with a particular vision in mind. I love black and white photography and taking pictures that reflect emotion. And I absolutely love an autumn breeze sweeping across my face. Ever since I was a child, this sensation has brought me peace.

I'm a self-starter. I learned how to do many things by teaching myself and solicited the knowledge of handyman skills from people who possessed them. Hate feeling helpless and have a difficult time depending on others. I'm stubborn and refuse to give up which is quite useful when applied to goals. I love to read. My favorite store is Barnes and Noble. Almost every week I'd visit first ordering a decadent coffee then meandering through the aisles exploring the vast selection of books lining the shelves. I'd often fantasize about having the ability to close my eyes and absorb every word ever written. And understand them, of course. lol

I hate injustice. Can't stand liars. Can't tolerate when people put others down for not knowing how to do something. And will never understand how someone can be cruel to another human being or animal. Don't like liver or raw meat. Yes, well-done for me. Cook the shit out of it! Although, I believe I'm getting a little better tolerating a hint of pink.

Through my life, I've laughed so hard I cried. I've enjoyed the company of many great people. Loved sharing my thoughts about life, death, and the afterlife with like minded people. Always possessed an insatiable desire to figure out the meaning of life. Unfortunately, I haven't yet, but at least I've learned how to connect with my spiritual guides and others I've loved who've passed on. It took me years to believe what I saw during meditations as truths but eventually through these events coming to fruition; I learned to believe.

Secretly I look forward to dying. Not that I wanted to die. What I wanted was to experience pure love. Since reading my first book about a near-death-experience, I longed to feel what they described. Every NDE book spoke of this profound feeling of peace and an incredible feeling of unconditional love. Also, I'll understand the meaning of life more clearly, at least that's what I believe.

All in all, I've had a good life. I don't regret anything for each life experience made me who I am, and I am a wonderful person. Faulted but wonderfully caring, hard working, creative, and witty at times. Not the brightest crayon in the box but not the dullest as I continue learning through my love of books.

I always wanted to leave behind something profound; a written word, a piece of art, or a hidden truth given to me from above. However, the only whispers I hear, and a life long lesson I struggled with, learn to love yourself.

Friday, October 21, 2016


Throughout life, everyone experiences good times and bad times. We live in a world of duality. The yin and yang of life. Sometimes it can be difficult staying positive when we're dealing with challenging times. The good news is we're not alone. We all have spiritual guides, guardian angels and loved one's helping us. However, it can be challenging to hear their guidance.

Communicating with the spiritual world is done by quieting our minds raising our energy vibration. If consumed with negative thoughts, doubt or fear it prevents us from connecting. If your energy vibration doesn't align with the energy of spirit, you can block communication. Spirit energy is positive, loving energy.

Since we're creatures of habit, it can be challenging to let go of fearful thoughts or painful memories. Breaking any habit takes a consistent effort. One of the best practices for helping to break negative habits is meditation. Most people think meditation is only a practice of sitting quietly without thought, but meditation can be walking down a trail in nature. Connecting to nature in silence is one of my favorite forms of meditation.

Once you can achieve a peaceful mind, you'll begin to notice signs. You can even ask your spiritual guide for specific signs for confirmation. Believe you will receive guidance and then pay attention to synchronistic occurrences. Each time you practice this mindfulness, you'll recognize guidance more readily.

To build confidence in your ability to receive guidance try asking your guardian angel to send you feathers or your spiritual guide for numerical guidance. For example, if questioning a decision you've made ask your spiritual guide to send the number three at every turn if you're on the right path or the number 6 if there's a better choice available. After you make this request pay attention. You'll start to notice one of these numbers wherever you turn.

By continuing these mindful practices over time, your belief will strengthen and so will your connection to spiritual guidance. Like anything in life, practice enhances our abilities.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016


Angels are assigned to us by God to respond to our call for help directly or indirectly throughout our life. They exist in higher dimensions of reality though can move at the speed of light. They are energy beings of light that travel at will. Angels can be in several places at a one time since they are pure energy existing in a reality where no location and time exist.

Angels have never been physical beings nor do they have wings as many pictorials portray them. Created equally to all forms of life since everything that exists is energy including yourself. There's no difference between Angels and us except we choose to experience physical life.

For each person, there are two and sometimes more guardian angels. Their job is to bring us circumstances, people, and events that assist us on our life path. Angels also help to heal emotional wounds and ease life challenges while guiding us towards our desires. They can surround us with protective light and calm our worrisome thoughts and emotions.

Angels connect to us from within our minds, but most of us are too busy to hear them. We must quiet the chatter of our minds along with troubling thoughts and emotions to listen to their guidance. Meditation is a successful practice for achieving this connection.

Anytime we focus our attention on angels they move closer toward us. So asking them for guidance or protection calls them closer. They want to help us, but we must ask for their help. They will not interfere with our freewill. Starting a practice of asking for their help daily will increase your connection and recognition of their guidance.

What are your guardian angels telling you? Quiet your mind and listen.

Monday, July 18, 2016


Written in nineteen twelve by Charles F. Haanel The Master Key System has survived the passing of time. Banned for nearly ten years the book resurfaced and has traveled the world. It consists of twenty-four short chapters with practice exercises at the end of each chapter you want to master before moving onto to the next chapter. These exercises teach you how to master your mind to become a deliberate creator.

Considered by many as a pioneer of the new age thought movement, Charles Haanel was light-years beyond the ideas of his day. His book is written in bite size paragraphs for easy digestion, ending each chapter with a practice exercise. If you diligently tackled and applied the teachings of this twenty-four-week course, he claims you will become a deliberate creator manifesting what you desire into your life.

He starts the book by stating "Thought is energy. Active thought is active energy. A concentrated thought is concentrated energy. Thought concentrated on a definite purpose becomes power".

The exercises that follow are a condensed version written in my words outlining each of the Master Key System practice exercises. I highly recommend purchasing the book for it offers more in-depth detail and scientific reasoning why this power to create is our innate ability. Click here if you prefer an audio description of these exercises.

1. Find a quite place where you won't be disturbed. Sit in a comfortable erect position holding your body perfectly still for 30 minutes. Practice this exercise until you gain full control of your physical body.

2. Take the same comfortable erect position as the last exercise but this time, practice inhibiting all thought while keeping your body perfectly still. When a thought comes to mind, let it go and redirect your attention on your breath. Focus on inhaling in and exhaling out. Practice this exercise until you can release all thought for 30 minutes.

3. Take the same comfortable erect position but this time, you are going to relax your entire body. Relax all the muscles of your body releasing the pressure on nerves which contributes to tension and physical exhaustion. Relaxing your body also allows the blood to circulate more freely benefitting your body and brain. Don't move on to the next exercise until you have accomplished this practice for at least 30 minutes.

4. Take the same comfortable, relaxed position but this time, you are going to practice releasing all adverse or busy, emotional thoughts that enter your mind. When an emotional thought enters your mind, let it go, and redirect your attention on your breath. Try to allow a feeling of peace to flow throughout your body. Don't move on to exercise five until you have accomplished this exercise for 30 minutes.

5. Take the same comfortable, relaxed position but this time, you are going to practice visualization. You are going to construct a place. Any place you desire and then step into the image. Hear the sounds, feel the textures, see the colors and all the structures that surround it.

For example, when I'm doing this visualization exercise I imagine myself standing on a beach during a warm summer evening. The stars in the black night sky cast a glow of light on the path that leads back to my beach house. I'm standing at the water's edge gazing out over the vast dark blue water. The only sound I can hear are the waves crashing down upon the shore. My feet sink into the velvety wet sand as each cold wave rushes swiftly over them.

Make a detailed mental image of your place of choice. Practice this exercise adding more detail each time you do.

6. Before taking the same comfortable, relaxed position choose a photo to examine. Memorizing every possible detail. After you're done observing the details close your eyes and reconstruct this picture in your mind. Practice visualizing every detail. Continue practicing this exercise until your mental image resembles the photo.

7. After taking the same comfortable, relaxed position close your eyes and visualize a friend or family member. Visualize this person exactly how you last saw them including the surroundings.
Once you've accomplished this mental image, start a conversation with them. See this person's facial expressions and hear their response to your comments and questions.

8. Again take the same comfortable, relaxed position. For this exercise, you are going to construct an object from its origin to completion.

For example, construct a piece of wood furniture or an article of clothing. Visualize a tree being cut down then hauled off to the sawmill. Construct an article of clothing start with a cotton seed planted into the soil. Then visualize the cotton being plucked from the plants then hauled off to the loom where it's woven into a fabric.

Visualize each step of construction until you have a finished product. If you like, start with something small then graduate to larger more intricate objects.

9. This week after taking the same comfortable, relaxed position you are going to visualize a plant. Choose any plant you desire. Bring it from a seed you bury into the soil into a mature plant.
Visualize the roots growing forming shoots down into the ground. See the rainwater seep into the soil then being absorbed by the roots.

Once the plant is full grown smell the flowers, feel the texture of the leafs and watch it sway in the breeze.

10. Again take the same comfortable, relaxed position. However, this time, focus on a blank section of wall.

Mentally draw a black horizontal line. Then add two black vertical lines connected to either end of this first line. Then add another black horizontal line creating a square.

Once you have a clear mental picture of this square, draw a circle inside it and a dot in the center of this circle.

Once you can clearly visualize this image, pull the dot towards you creating a cone coming out of the square. Now, change the color of this square cone-shaped image from black to red to green.

11. For this week's exercise concentrate on this quotation from the Bible, "Whatsoever things ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them".
Thoroughly concentrate on this passage. What so ever we desire, if we pray and believe, we shall have it.

12. This week take the same comfortable, relaxed position and meditate on the fact we are in kind to the universal power. The only difference is of degree. We are created in the image of God. We, as our creator, are also creators.

13. After taking the same comfortable, relaxed position and meditate on the fact that our thoughts influence our emotional vibration which attracts creations into our experience.

Happy thoughts create happy emotions. Negative thoughts create negative emotions. The vibrations of the thoughts in our mind connect to the Universal Mind. This connection becomes a channel through which the Universal Mind expresses its creations.

Let this idea permeate your consciousness. Know that you and the Universal Mind are one. Meditate on this fact until you feel this connection.

14.  Again, take the same comfortable, relaxed position. For this exercise, you will meditate on the word harmony. Concentrate on this word and absorb its full meaning. Don't skip this exercise; it's important. You want to embody the complete essence and emotion of this word.

15. Take your comfortable, relaxed position and meditate on the knowledge of knowing about this creative power of thought of which we possess.

Recognize that knowledge does not apply itself. Our actions and habits determine our effort. Think about how you can integrate this knowledge into applications you can implement into your daily life.

16.  Take the same comfortable, relaxed position and this time meditate on the realization that harmony and happiness are states of consciousness. They are not dependent on external possessions.
Physical objects or events are effects and come as a consequence of mental states of mind. You have to feel harmony and happiness to attract the physical equivalent that brings you joy.

17. After taking your comfortable, relaxed position meditate on the emotion, you wish to feel in your life.

For example, to eliminate emotions of fear concentrate on courage, lack focus on abundance. Always concentrate on the feeling you want to experience.

Once you have embodied the emotion, you wish to feel, sense yourself connecting to all creations equivalent to this emotion. Feel these manifestations being channeled down from the Universal Mind into your life.

18. Take your comfortable, relaxed position and meditate on the truth of your innate power to create. Embody this belief.

Acknowledge that seeds must be sown before the world of spirit can produce effects into our life experience. Our thoughts and emotions are such seeds. The physical outcome is dependent on the nature of the seed.

19. This week's exercise is on concentrating. Thoroughly concentrate on an object of thought. Become so absorbed by this object that nothing else enters your consciousness. Do this exercise several times a day.

Concentrate on the fact that appearances are deceptive. For example, the universe extends beyond our comprehension, the light from the stars in the night sky travel millions of miles before reaching our sight, and the earth that travels around the sun also rotates, however, it feels motionless beneath our feet.

20. After taking your comfortable, relaxed position meditate on the fact that "In Him, we live and move and have our being".

If He is all of all things, you must be in Him. That He is a spirit, and we are created in the image and likeness of Him.

When you can completely absorb this statement without a doubt, then you have found the secret power of concentrated thought. The key to solving any situation.

21. After taking a comfortable, relaxed position meditate on the truth. Realize that nothing can stand in your way when you learn how to apply the correct thought principals.

Know that in the silence there is an unlimited potential of awakening. Silent thought concentration is the method of reaching and expressing your highest potential drawn from the world within.

22. Again take your comfortable, relaxed position and meditate on Tennyson's words " Speak to Him, for He hears, and Spirit with Spirit can meet. Closer is He than breath, and nearer than hands and feet."

Realize when you speak to the Universal Mind you are in touch with omnipotence. An all-powerful supreme spirit who channels through you this creative power of manifesting.

23. This week meditate on the fact that man is not a body with a spirit but a spirit within a body. Spirit has the power to create, mold, and manipulate at will.

24. For this last exercise take your comfortable, relaxed position and meditate on this amazing world. Appreciate all the glorious creations that surround you.

Then concentrate on the Proverbs 4:23 "Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life." What do you want to bring to life?

Again, I highly recommend purchasing the book The Master Key System. The practice exercises within the book are more in-depth than mine, and each chapter explains why this belief is, in fact, scientific truth. Remember, you have to believe. Faith is key.