Friday, July 17, 2015


If you don't already have Doreen Virtue Angel Numbers 101 book I highly recommend purchasing one. Numerical guidance messages I feel are the easiest form of communication with spirit guides and angels. Of course never dismiss any innate personal meanings you believe you're receiving. The fact is we all have this inner knowing, however, dismiss it more often than not. We don't trust ourselves.

Until we're reading to trust our inner knowing, Doreen's book is an extremely helpful tool. It's a small, easy to cart around book for quick access. I don't know about you, but I'm being bombarded with numerical messages.

The numbers I keep seeing are 9, 13, and 33, however, not in that order. Thirty-three was the first number. In the book, it states I have a strong and clear connection. Further stating my call is being answered to keep praying.

The second number I received was thirteen. This number signified female masters were assisting me. They're also helping me to remain positive. Then the last number nine tells me to get to work, calling me a lightworker. Further stating I've completed all prerequisites to achieve my life purpose. It says it's time to start taking action. Even if I begin with baby steps now is the time for transition.

The funny thing is I already felt it was time to close the door on this chapter in my life making room for the next. Fear of the unknown was stopping me. The "what if's" kept closing the door on the possibility of taking the leap. The simple truth is life is full of the unknown. I suppose if we knew what our future held it would be boring.

The answers were already inside of me. We have to believe in our innate knowing. Trust it. Then let go.

Sunday, June 21, 2015


I decided to revisit the books written by Jane Roberts about the channeled spirit named Seth. As I flipped through Seth Speaks, I stumbled upon the part where he talks about intense electromagnetic vortexes located around the world. Seth describes these locations as dimensional intersections. The point where all dimensions of existence overlap.

At these overlapping intersections, the energy vibration is heightened along with our ability to manifest and communicate with other dimensions of reality. Researching I discovered many ancient structures such as the Pyramids, Stonehenge, and Easter Island are all located on sites where the electromagnetic energy registers higher.

Evidence discovered by archeologist indicate that these sites are considered sacred by ancient peoples. These sites are where they regularly performed sacred ceremonies to the gods. Did they know about these intersection energy vortexes? If so, how did they discover them?

Today we are so inundated with external stimuli I believe we have lost our ability to feel this heightened energy. Personal experience with meditation has shown me that we can connect if we learn to shut out the many distractions of our current world.

Someday I hope to visit one of these energy vortex locations but until then I do believe we can tap into this interdimensional communication where ever we are. Below is a map pinpointing seven locations that correspond to the seven major chakras. Please leave a comment if you have more information about these vortexes. I'd love to learn more.


Tuesday, June 2, 2015


Do you ever feel like a fraud? I know I do at times. Some days I show the world my optimistic self then other days the pessimistic 'life sucks' version rears its ugly head. I believe we all hide behind masks in an attempt to conceal our insecurities or perceived failures.

We hide behind a mask because we are afraid of being exposed for who we believe we are. Fearing we'll be ridiculed, criticized, but most of all rejected. Unfortunately, our attempt to conceal aspects of ourselves are futile. There is always someone who sees through the illusion, even if that someone is you.

Denying being judgmental is only fooling yourself. It's an inherent quality humans possess. We label things, events, and people good or bad, right or wrong. This behavior is judgment. Our judging opinions are created by life experiences. Created by our childhood experiences, social standing, intelligence, financial circumstance, the list goes on and on.

Our beliefs are subjective. Beliefs are a perception of what we believe is true. That is the simple truth, not our beliefs. No two people experience the world as another. We are unique. One of a kind. In our material world, this usually represents value. Unfortunately, in the views of humans this means something entirely different.

We gauge people's value base on our opinion of success. Our perception of success may be financial wealth, intelligence, or appearance. Regardless which standard, they are all fleeting illusions of physical existence. Our physical bodies are not who we are. We are spirits occupying physical bodies. I believe we choose to experience physical reality to discover who we are. If we knew the truth, judging others wouldn't exist. Success would be self-discovery.

So the next time you catch yourself judging others, stop and look at yourself in the mirror. You are judging yourself. Reflecting onto another your egos need for acceptance. When we stop judging others is when we will find ourselves. We are one.

Saturday, May 30, 2015


The last year, my intuitive abilities seem to be accelerating. After my third-eye experience, it started to become easier recognizing messages although deciphering them can still be a challenge.

Whoever is sending me these images must be aware of my ignorance. Maybe they know in time, I'll figure out the meaning of these visions. My question is why are they showing me these visions? Am I supposed to do something?

One of the vision was lost souls or spirits. I watched them aimlessly roam about sensing their confusion and sadness. As I watched this movie-like scene, I felt the presence of my spiritual guide to the left of me while two other spirits stood to the right. Innately I knew they were protecting me from absorbing these lost souls energy.

I always received guidance with the number three connected to the meaning. My first impression represented lost souls in the afterlife. Secondly, lost souls here on earth. Lastly, to raise my energy, which at the time was low.

I believe this vision was showing me the importance of keeping our energy positive. The lasting effects it can have if we don't. So maybe the reason they showed me this vision is to tell others. Keep your outlook positive for our energy is creating our future.

Monday, May 25, 2015


The law of attraction is fueled by our emotions. How we are feeling is what we are attracting. To attract desired experiences into your life, you must send out aligning energy vibrations. All we need is fifty-one percent positive emotions to attract positive manifestations.

It can be difficult to understand why undesired experiences enter our lives when we feel we've been positive. Since there's a delay in our manifestations it's not surprising our memory fails us. A fantastic practice for monitoring our daily energy vibration is by keeping an emotion journal.

By consistently recording our daily attracting energy vibration we can make adjustments to our behavior when needed. Furthermore, we can monitor how long it takes to manifest. This practice will help us strengthen our belief.

The "Law of Belief" is as important as our emotional state. Watch video of how I keep track of my daily manifesting energy. Give it a try. This practice helps me.

Friday, May 1, 2015


Many people race to psychics after the death of a loved one in a desperate attempt to contact them. After all, I did the same thing nearly twenty years ago. What I learned from the psychic was I had the ability to contact my sister on my own. The truth is we all do. The key to connecting with spirits is practicing meditation.

Meditation quiets the mind and raises our energy vibration so we can connect with the spirit dimension. Most often our loved ones are trying to contact us, however, our minds are so filled with thoughts we fail to notice spirits subtle forms of communication with all that noise.

Aside from quieting our minds meditation helps us to raise our energy vibration so we can align with spirit energy. The physical dimension is a reality of slower energy vibrations or dense matter. The spirit dimension is an existence of pure energy. When we meditate our conscious mind becomes silent and our body relaxes which releases the heaviness of stress and other negative emotions.

If you've never tried meditating it's not difficult to learn though it does take time. It's like exercising your mental muscle becoming the master of your thoughts and not allowing your thoughts to control you. In addition to silencing the mind, you will also learn how to be physically still.

Follow the steps outlined below advancing to the next step after master each. Be patient with yourself. You will succeed if you are consistent in your practice and let go of any expectation. Being anxious for results will block your communication, I know this from my own experience. Once I let go my sister walked right into my meditation. It was amazing! Don't give up, you can do this.

Learning how to Meditate

1. Find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed. Sit comfortably, but don't slouch and try to keep your body perfectly still. Close your eyes and allow your thoughts to roam. When a thought enters your mind acknowledge it, then let it go. Do this for fifteen minutes working your way up to thirty minutes before moving on to step two.

2. Return to your quiet place sitting comfortable as before and keeping your body perfectly still. Now you want to concentrate on your breath. Mentally count to three as you inhale then hold your breath to the count of three and then exhaling to the count of three. Continue this practice until you're able to meditate for thirty minutes before moving on to step three.

3. Return to your quiet place and take the same position though this time try to inhibit all thoughts. In the beginning, you will find this difficult to achieve for more than a few minutes, but don't give up. Continue practicing until you're able to do this for thirty minutes.

Once you are able to sit perfectly still while inhibiting all thought for at least thirty minutes you will begin to experience connecting with other dimensions of existence and spirit. It's very important to let go of any expectations since this is a form of anxiety which will inhibit spiritual communicate. Be consistent in your meditation practice and you will eventually raise your energy vibration to connect with the spirit world.