Tuesday, July 18, 2017


The second vision I receive was quite remarkable. I will never forget it. It happened one night while meditating when a quarter size area slightly above the center between my eyes started to vibrate. Focusing on my breath, I allowed this experience to occur without judgment. Then it exploded. This quarter size area abruptly opened with such force it was overwhelming.

A powerful energy was shooting out of my forehead. I could hear a loud howling sound as you would standing within a tornado. Suddenly, I found myself standing at the entrance of this tunnel. Of course, it was my conscious awareness, but it felt like my physical body. Slowly I began to move through it.

Glancing around at the walls that surrounded me, I saw a blurry movement of speeding energy. I didn't dare reach out and touch it. I could sense its powerful strength. Then without warning the tunnel end and it was silent. I felt the presence of three beings. Turning to my left, I saw an enormous shadowy figure which I instantly knew was my spiritual guide. Then glancing over to my right I saw a figure standing equal to myself which I knew was my sister Lisa. And beside her was another though I felt they were hiding their identity.

My focus shifted to what stood before me. I saw shadows of humans, animals, and creatures. These beings were aimlessly roaming around. I was informed that they were lost in a loop of despair. I knew I was being protected from absorbing their energy for they were so depressed it would have been overwhelming. These beings were deaf to the calls of loved ones, angels, and guides trying to awaken them.

Then my view abruptly shifted down. As if an astronaut suspended in outer space I saw the earth and heard telepathically "The problem starts here. Keep your energy up." And the sense faded to black. Just before this experience ended, I saw three numbers and heard the word lottery.    

Later upon sharing this experience with my husband, we laughed about the spirits failing to provide all six lottery numbers. Though the joke was on me. While catching up on some book work, I noticed lottery tickets laying on my desk and decided to check them for winnings. Well, I did win. I won the exact amount of the numbers I saw. Spirits were confirming what I saw was real.

Keep your energy up was the message. Think about it. Look out into the world. Anger and division are rampant. I believe this vision was a warning that we're heading down a destructive path. We must regroup before it's too late. Put the past behind us and look toward a better tomorrow. Only then will we fulfill our destiny.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017


What is the meaning of friendship to you? For me, it's someone you can be yourself with, no pretense, no judgment, only complete acceptance warts and all. Someone who makes you laugh. Someone who holds your hand when life throws you a curve ball. A person who stands beside you through good times and bad. One who takes joy in your accomplishments and offers support in times of failure. They encourage you, patiently listen to all your woes, and keeps your confidence. Yes, an unquestioning loyalty.

It's an emotional bond between two souls that lasts forever. Most like a bond that always existed from before we were born. Sharing many lifetimes together supporting each other in our life's journey. As a result, a connection so familiar is born. A kinship that when they walk into your life, you know. You know, their friendship feels like home. A soul family reunited once again here on earth.

Sunday, June 25, 2017


I'm sure you've heard the statement "everything that exists is energy including ourselves." Well, it's just not a new-age cliche it's a scientific fact. Even our thoughts emit energy. You'll find an excellent depiction of this in the book The Field written by Lynne McTaggart. Within this book, you'll find experiments outlining how thoughts influenced the health of plant life and microorganisms. Our thoughts are very powerful affecting everything that surrounds us along with the condition of our health and life experience.

It's believed that our energy in human form is slower than the vibration of our energy while in spirit form. Aside from our physical body weighing on our energy most of us are also weighed down by fear, anger, and depression which are all lower forms of energy vibrations. If you want to connect to the higher realms of spirit we have to raise our energy. We must raise our vibration to meet theirs.

The best way to align our energy with spirit is through meditation. Quieting the mind helps us to release earthly worries and as a result, raises our vibration. Also, a busy mind distracts us and overpowers or drowns out the subtle messages of spirit.

There are many different forms of meditation other than the stereotypical, sitting quietly in the lotus position image. Being fully present in the moment is a form of meditation. A meditative state is achieved by focusing on the moment and disregarding distractions. For example, taking a stroll in the park, quietly relaxing on the porch listening to the birds or sounds of a gentle rainfall. A moving meditation is simply observing the moment with all our senses.

So if you've never tried meditating before start with a moving meditation, it'll ease you into this peaceful state of being. As time goes by you'll notice a desire to be one with the moment and eventually find yourself meditating the conventional way. Regardless of which meditation form you gravitate to you'll begin to receive intuitive messages. Most people refer to this feeling as an "aha moment" of enlightenment or knowing.

Practice regularly and be patient with yourself. It takes time to slow ourselves down breaking habits of racing around and learning to let go.

Friday, June 23, 2017


We've all heard the saying "no one is perfect we all have faults," but do we really understand it's meaning? People who claim they don't judge others are fooling themselves. Everyone judges. Actually, we judge everything. We judge whether a musician is talented or not, a particular car dependable, or a location safer to reside than another, the list is endless. Judging is an unavoidable facet of being human. My question is, is competing with each other also inevitable? And what is the threshold of healthy competition and unhealthy?

Of course, we need competition to some degree to motivate us, but when does it become toxic. When does the comparing mindset become detrimental to our well being? I believe we've lost our ability to love our self without conditions. We're too focused on what other people think and as a result lost our voice. Our independent identity. We allow the opinions of others to define and influence our goals, accomplishments, successes, and life choices. We're competing to be better or at least on par with what we believe society dictates. As a result, we lose our authentic self and all the unique gifts we were meant to express.

Competing with our self should be our goal. Embracing our life, exploring our interests, and developing our talents. Not a competition to stand equal to or greater than the Joneses. If we allow our self to crack open our true nature, we will find gifts beyond belief. We all have a purpose. We're not here to chase after or to keep up with someone else. No one is more valuable than another. We have to stop looking outside our self and look within. This is where we'll find our joy, not in the competition of defeating another.